The Sixth string Analogy

I have devised a simple analogy based on the sixth string football matches played in the training academies to explain the daily working of the organisation. It explains the complex working and allows one to maintain sanity. Sharing it for the greater good.

Sixth String is an elite group which is formed based on a certain required level of skill and attitude. The skill level should be skimming the rock bottom, while the attitude must hover at the upper extreme. In a standard 2×3 Matrix of management, with skill on the X-Axis with Low-Medium-High scale and Attitude on the Y-Axis with simple Low-High scale, the Sixth String finds the prideful place on the Top Left Quadrant of the Matrix.

The organisation in itself is completely the ‘Sixth String’, with no further sub-categorisation to avoid any variety and confusion. The selection of the team is with the lowest expected requirement of skill level and very little tolerance for an attitude lower than *’Unquestioned Willingness’*. Any variation and aberations are surgically ironed out with apathy and deep socialisation. CR is used effectively as a tool for socialisation rather than appraisal.

So once you have a fairly homogeneous team, the game begins. All those who are from higher strings and are looking for meaning & strategy are found disillusioned. They are easily spotted by their distict baffled expressions and weeded out. Only the players with the defined traits survive.

Now the Analogy. Well the game is played with a simple rule. Everyone tries to kick the ball (or the other guys foot) and when the ball is kicked (irrespective of who kicks it and in which direction it is kicked) everyone including the goal keeper runs towards the ball. The first rule of kicking the ball or the foot is repeated endlessly. The endless and mindless loop allows players to be kept busy with a sense of achievement after every kick on the ball or foot.

Till the simple rule of the ‘Sixth String’ is followed and ‘unnecessary thinkers’ are weeded out we attain the symphonic chaos where everyone is busy, tired and (at a deeper level) even satisfied. Its only when a misguided electron moves out of this stable energy level and starts ‘thinking’ or ‘disagreeing’, that the delicate balance is destabilised. The balance is restored by ejecting this electron out of the system.

For the benfit of those who are still in the game or of the baffled category, this will give you the clarity to read the “Matrix”. You may not be able to dodge the bullet, but would surely be able to Kick the other foot.

Quit thinking and Enjoy the game.

I am the dusk

I am the dusk
then it will be dark
fiery ball cools
weary of the scorching day
sliding down rapidly
pulling the rays down
pausing briefly at the rim
Just for one last look
at its creation
before it is night
last stroke of golden brush
paints the sky crimson
I am the dusk
slowly turning dark
last rays lingers on my wings
warming it up, keeping it alive
it no time to be trapped
its my final flight
I reach out to the glowing light
and I soar
its a new day

Aaj Vela hoon

आज अकेला हुं
सुबह से वेला हूं
दुनिया को बचाने
अपने घर पे सोयेला हूं

भ्रमण कर आज
घर वापस आया हूं
कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी का सफर
वास्तव में कर आया हूं

इंसान को ६ फीट दूर से देखा तो
थोड़ा डरा हुआ पाया है
हर आंखों में शक और कौफ का साया
भरपूर नजर आया है

इस नासूर वायरस
का वास्ता है
डर जातें हैं सब
जब कोई खांसता है

इन काले बादलों में मैंने
छिपे सिल्वर लाइनिंग को भी देखा है
भागते लम्हों को आज
चलते हुए देखा है

schedule wali डेयरी को दिया धोका
और टाइम को दिया रोका
मिला है थोड़ा सोचने का मौका
और कुछ नज़रिए का नया झरोखा

आज अकेला हुं
सुबह से वेला हूं
दुनिया को बचाने के चक्कर में
अपने आप से आज मिलेला हूं

दीवार पे तस्वीर

दीवारों पे टंगी तस्वीर ने
बेजुबान कई कहानियां
अतीत की आवाज़ चुरा कर
आज मुझे सुनाया है

कैद कर वो लम्हा
तस्वीरों के बेजान पन्नों पर
फिर आज जैसे
वही एहसास लौट आया है

नज़र धुंधला गई है
आंखे नम हो गई है
तस्वीर वहीं दीवार पे थम गई है
पर अरमानों ने उड़ान भर ली है

समय की सूइयों को
मोड़ने का ख्याल आया है
उस लम्हे को फिर से
जीने का ख्वाब सजाया है

समय की रेत को टटोला
तो वो लम्हा हाथ आया है
उसी लम्हें में पूरी उम्र
गुजारने का ख्याल आया है