The earthy smell

Clouds sprout in plenty
Flourishing in the fresh new glow
Floating merrily above
invisible roots stretching out below

They belong to the sky
Born out of the rain
Sun it’s father
arisen from the earthly womb’s pain

Yet to grow
They are white
Someday they will be laden
With all the burden that arise

Turning dark
It obscures the sun
Casting shadow on the earth below
Filled with pride of being the one

But as the chalice fills
It is bound to pour
The parched earth waits
Knowing what would happen for sure

There falls the first drop
meeting the ground In a messy splash
Disappearing beneath
Merging with the soil at the very crash

From the wet earth
Comes the earthy smell
Full of love and gratitude
Meeting her son, million hearts swell

The quite place

It was a picnic
Just Him and her
a quiet place
Deafening silence prevailed
Filled by the roar of water
He seemed to say something
The bark was incessant
There was nothing to worry
She said
in a calming voice
her voice drowned
in the falling water
They were safe
Encased by the logs
In their secret place
No one would trouble them
Not even her parents
No one knew
The rising waters drenched her dress

What do you see’ Prompt #142

For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt

Make a note on the blue skies

Script of my life

Pen touches the paper
Every night as I sleep
memoirs of the day
Etched on paper
Forever as the
Ink dries

I am the maker
I am the made
Why make it sad
When happy it can be
Foolish is the one
who cries

Every moment reframed
The way I wanted
All sad ones made happy
Every defeat turned to victory
Some truths are
made of lies

For the script of my life
I am the author
Let’s pick up the pen
Let’s make a note
On the river, mountains
and the blue skies

Written for Linda’s SoCS prompt- Make a note 



At last free

Water is free
From the confines
of the unseen glass
It leaps out
Off the rim
Into the free wind
Caught by the gust
It dissipates
into million droplets
Losing its identity
No longer liquid
Just a free vapour
Existing unseen
Separated droplets
Flowing in the air
Evaporating into clouds
There they gather
and make a plan
They hurl down
as a torrid rain
Through rivulets
they travel
Gushing on preset path
In the river they meet
Finally united
as one
Together they flow
At last free


This post is in response to:

Sadje’s What do you see # 140 #WDYS

In between the moments

Who decides,
the next moment
Does it wait for me
Or do I seek?

When do I exit
the past
and enter the present
I wonder?

If I do move
from the past
to the present,
what do I traverse?

From the past
to the destination
That is now
Where do I exist?

Does that journey
in between
go without noticing
As if in a sleep?

That state between
the then and now
Is the place
Beyond then and now.

I have left the last one
I can see the next moment
In between lies
An abyss wide and deep.

here I pause
In between the moments
For a little while
That’s where is forever.

5 am

Just in time
With the sun
Or some time
a bit before

I rise
From a blissful sleep
Or sometimes
a tumultuous one

Meeting the day
Or sometimes
a bit groggy

Off the bed
With purpose
Or sometimes
Just laying down

A cup of coffee
a moment staring at window
or sometimes
Hitting the snooze

Its another day
We just met
I think we like each other
It would be fun